Speech against conscription and war

I understand, friends, that a meeting of Russian soldiers was stopped in this city tonight. His children, already orphans, shall see his face no more. With whom do you associate him? At present it is a mere rumbling, but that rumbling is increasing in volume, it is growing in depth, it is spreading all over the country until it will be raised into a thunder and people of America will rise and say, we want to be a democracy, to be sure, but we want the kind of democracy which means liberty and opportunity to every man and woman in America Great and continued applause.

All right, I am talking now; you can talk later. I am sorry to say that I am one such and I have to say the same. I don't believe in it.

Emma Goldman: Speech against Conscription and War

A military force cannot be raised, in this manner, but by the means of a military force. America says we are going to fight Germany. The only law that I recognize is the law which ministers to the needs of humanity, which makes men and women finer and better and more humane, the kind of law which teaches children that human life is sacred, and that those who arm for the purpose of taking human life are going to be called before the bar of human justice and not before a wretched little court which is called your law of the United States.

We hear a great deal about Anarchism in the present fight against Conscription. Comrades, friends and enemies Great Applause and everyone who believes in freedom of thought and liberty.

Laws, Sir, of this nature can create nothing but opposition. We tonight of the Anti Conscription League raise our voices to the very sky to tell you that you may fight your battles, if you believe in the trenches, but you are representing a losing cause. My ideals will live long after I am dead.

Some young man said, "Who loves Emma Goldman?

Speeches Against Conscription

I express the sentiments here, Sir, because I shall express them to my constituent. But this father, or this son, or this husband goes to the camp. I ask you all to keep quiet, no matter what the soldiers do. If our dear country is fighting a war for democracy my dear brethren, we should have this democracy at home first.

Do you know that after all the cause of the soldiers and workers is the same everywhere. Of course, friends, of course since the war was declared by a country in whose interest it is that the American boy shall be sacrificed it was not to the interest of that country to put the war to a test and therefore conscription had to be imposed upon you.

If these are the first fruits of milita rism, what will be the complete harvest? It is because, the Goddess of Liberty is ashamed of the American people and what they have done in the name of liberty to liberty in the United States. Who believes in liberty?

And so today you are governed by the bayonet and the police can treat you like dogs. We know that centralized militarism means nothing else but the carnal brutality of man, blood-shed and conquest in its most abominable aspect.

To borrow money on the credit of the United States. The classification of the whole body of the Militia, according to the provisions of this bill, is not a measure which respects either their general organization or their discipline. In it Webster denounces James Monroe 's plan to use conscription to build an army to invade Canada as part of the War of The services of the men to be raised under this act are not limited to those cases in which alone this Government is entitled to the aid of the militia of the States.

If their position were correct and logical, if the State Military Census rested upon the need of the people, if conscription rested upon the desire of the people, all the revolutionists and Emma Goldmans and Alexander Berkmans might talk their heads off and the people would not listen to them.

The same is true about conscription. And here you are, friends. And so, friends, the people have not yet decided whether they want war and the people are going to say, ultimately, whether they want war or not. Yet today the whole civilized world, including the United States Government, is trembling in its boots before The Council of Workmen and Soldiers who are standing for liberty.

She is a wife no longer. I consider the action of Judge Mayer an insult and an outrage and I warrant you that he is going to hear about it, not only all over the United States but even from Europe. This, then, Sir, is a bill for calling out the Militia not according to its existing organization, but by draft from new created classes—not merely for the purpose of repelling invasion, suppressing insurrection, or executing the laws, but for the general objects of war—for defending ourselves, or invading others as may be thought expedient, not for a sudden emergency, or for a short time, but for long stated periods; for two years, if the proposition of the Senate should finally prevail; for one year if the amendment of the House should be adopted.

The classification of the whole body of the Militia, according to the provisions of this bill, is not a measure which respects either their general organization or their discipline.To cite the expert commentary: Briley, Ron.

"Emma Goldman: Speech against Conscription and War." Milestone Documents. Accessed November 12, War was imposed upon the people without the people getting a chance to say whether they wanted war or not, and war was imposed upon them, I say, because the.

Speech Against Conscription And War.

Speeches Against Conscription

Introduction The conscription issue during the second Indo – China war in the ’s tore apart the fabric of Australian society and resulted in divisions in all sections of the community. Nov 06,  · sister projects: data item.; A speech given in the House of Representatives on December 9, In it Webster denounces James Monroe's plan to use conscription to build an army to invade Canada as part of the War of Notable also is Webster's support of the doctrine of nullification in this context—he later opposed the doctrine in his Second Reply to Hayne ()—and his discussion of.

Australia's Conscription Debate CONSCRIPTION The issue of conscription – compulsory enlistment for military service, particularly for overseas service – has been and remains a contentious issue in Australian life.

Speech Against Conscription and War (Delivered at Forward Hall, New York City, June 14, ) Transcript of meeting (from which Goldman’s speech is excerpted here) by public shorthand reporter Charles Pickler, employed by the Stenographic Service Company of New York City, contracted by the No-Conscription League.

Speech against conscription and war
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