How to start writing a feature article for kids

This article we found explains that there are 4 main elements that make a magazine different from a newspaper. Use practice lessons to teach kids about magazines and features Practice makes perfect! Before touching a pen, consider your angle.

As long as the students know that what they write remains confidential, they will share with you amazing things. And, to be honest, the kids in your class are probably more familiar with magazines than they are with hard news.

You can use it to create expectation or intrigue, which following lines can elaborate on or contrast. The elements that make a news story are stringent, whereas the elements that make a magazine or feature story could still include those relevant factors, while also highlighting a new angle, with a more focused approach.

Knowing how to write a feature article is a valuable skill.

How To Write A Great Feature Article

Writing motivators that work from teachers who use them! Short and Sharp Writing Style Pay close attention to your writing style. Opening Line Strategy 7 This last strategy is the simplest of the bunch. Overview Articles aim to inform, entertain and persuade readers. The Basic Story Outline The best way to structure a newspaper article is to first write an outline.

Nothing puts editors off more than a poorly written article that requires copious amounts of editing to even come close to being print ready. Magazines and feature articles are longer, and more in depth. Thus, the writing can include things like adjectives, if it adds to the enjoyment of reading the story.

What would you do with the money? Although you may have a clear imagine in your mind for the topic of your article, you need to use creative and descriptive language to share this image with your reader.

Alicia Merrifield uses journals with her eighth-grade reading students. Check out the examples below. I am from another planet and although I now understand numbers, I do not understand she fills in a concept they've worked on. Some teachers provide prompts to help students begin their writing.

Teach kids the differences between a newspaper, a magazine and a feature story The first step, of course, is to know what a magazine and a feature story are, in comparison to a newspaper.

Describe a dream that you had recently. She has students write about a favorite "Christmas past," about vacation plans for the "Christmas present," and about a "Christmas future. Tell all of the steps you would do in sequence. This week, Education World talked with teachers who use daily journal writing in their classrooms.

Others leave decisions about the direction and flow of student journals up to the students. Main body What is at the heart of your story?

How To Write A Feature Article

While you are teaching kids about how to start a newspaper, you can also teach them a new facet of journalistic writing: Unlike conventional essay writing, you need a short, sharp and punchy writing style.

Closing quotation Find something that sums the article up in a few words. It summarises your thoughts and angle, and gives you a place to offer a course of action for your readers if a course of action is appropriate for your article.The Art and Craft of Feature Writing: Based on The Wall Street Journal Guide [William E.

Blundell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Storytelling—how to catch and hold a reader’s interest through artful narration of factual material William E. Blundell. A Feature Article Informs, Entertains & Persuades. Purpose – The Mission of a Feature Article Feature articles are detailed pieces of writing which explore a range of issues, opinions, experiences and ideas.

The purpose of a feature article will vary depending on the media it is meant for. Feature articles should appeal to the particular audience the article is targeting. Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style, beauty, and wellness, including health, inspiring stories, and the latest fashion trends.

How-To Writing Article - Time for Kids. Seven ways to start an article with a killer opening line. If I’ve missed any, feel free to point them out in the comments section below.

Teaching kids how to start a newspaper (7): covering magazines and feature stories

As a general rule, your first line is the next most important bit of writing after your headline. May 05,  · Have you ever wondered what a feature article is? Or how you go about writing a great one? Feature Article Examples For Kids This resource has many great feature articles aimed at children and is updated weekly.

It's my desire to master feature writing. Thank you. Paul Turner. 5 years ago from Birmingham, Al. Super helpful! Reviews:

How to start writing a feature article for kids
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