Globalization privatization and militarization impacts on

In other words, one cannot meaningfully question the legitimacy of the governments and business corporations while, at the same time, expecting them to foot the bill.

Getting Our Act Together: Gender, Globalization, and the State

The effect globalization has on states making them more repressive against peoples' protests must be met by wide-spread mobilization among the majority for human rights and solidarity with those directly oppressed. To succeed, dissident voices within the military, intelligence and police sectors must be fully integrated into the broader struggle.

War is presented as a peace-making undertaking. Demands, petitions and declarations are formulated to little avail, largely with respect to issues Globalization privatization and militarization impacts on debt cancellation, environmental standards and macro-economic reform, etc.


Consumers then had more options to choose from. Albert Einstein The anti-war movement is dead, nuclear war is not front page news. The two dynamic sectors of the global economy are 1. Dating back to the Civil Rights motion to most late where SWAT squads have vehicles closely resembling armored combat vehicles driving through local communities.

Waging struggles against the global capitalist paradigm, the underprivileged work towards the regeneration of their natural heritage and the rebuilding of integrated egalitarian communities.

Women's knowledge, which has often meant the survival of their communities, is not valued and is ignored. No new issues should be negotiated in this 5th Ministerial Conference. The Funding of Dissent These international conferences and teach-ins are often financed by government grants and donations from the large private foundations Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, etc.

Such policies enable parents to organize child care during work hours, whereas in the UK — which is, like the US, a typical neoliberal state — no such provisions exist. The effect globalization has on states making them more liberal towards commercialization of public and private life and promoters of a culture of consumerism and corporate interests also in education must be reversed.

This past summer RIMPAC held their nation war game in Hawaii despite protests against the damaging of not only indigenous properties, but also ecological impacts of ocean systems.

Much of this traffic from Hawaii is not only commercial, but also military to-and-from San Diego. The results could well be devastating for the whole World including Americain particular those countries in the front line of climate change, many of which constitute the poorest nations on Earth, are not the principle polluters, have little or no resources — socially, technologically or financially — to cope with the impact of increases in global temperatures and need the support of wealthier countries.

The WTO should not pursue any negotiation on investment and should change its existing investment rules which provide excessive rights to corporations and allow for their unregulated behavior.

Latin American Indigenous Movements in the Context of Globalization By Juan Houghton and Beverly Bell October 11, Globalization has increased, in previously unsuspected ways, the risks for indigenous peoples living on lands that contain strategic resources for market exploitation: With increased planetary economic systems.

Post-Cold War Era Reforms A second phase of economic restructuring commences at the end of the Cold War with drastic economic reform packages imposed on Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, the Balkans as well as on the constituent republics of the former Soviet Union e.

Criteria for these choices is the strengthening of the cultural and social integrity of local communities, richer links between peoples so that everyone can regain more power over his or her life. This is done by corporate investment in research and by the promotion of knowledge geared toward skills needed for the market.

The economic crisis is not seen as having a relationship to the US led war. Military institutions such as U. This is currently also the most important attempt to extend globalization and "economic liberalization.

They are intelligence assets. The targets represent a small percentage of US military bases in the US and among developing countries.

We need a joint search for completely different concepts and alternatives to the existing system. While a decade ago, they took their concerns only to the state, now they must also go to the international arena. The effects of this process in the wealthy countries are multiple and deeply interlinked: Consequences seem most pronounced in the US.

More wealth equality throughout the world Although many Americans contend that their standard of living has gone down because of globalization, the flip side to this is that hundreds of thousands of people around the world now have jobs, have started their own businesses and can provide comfort for their families.

These projects are often negotiated behind the backs of indigenous peoples, in open violation of Convention of the ILO that states that indigenous peoples have the right to be consulted before decisions that affect their territories or natural resources are made. Our vision is of a decentralized economy and polity based on communities' rights to natural resources and to plan their own development, with equality and self-reliance as the basic values.

In the wake of the tragic events of September 11,in the largest display of military might since the Second World War, the US has embarked upon a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity. They are relying on their history and social structure, on recent political developments, and on the clarity with which they have promoted the consolidation of indigenous governments and jurisdictions.

Our response to the threat of terrorism, in the context of systemic vulnerability, will have an impact both on the cost of providing security and on the civil liberties prized in many communities. The transition from demand oriented Keynesian policies in the s to the neoliberal macro-ecoomic agenda in the s.

Severe poverty, inequality, and inequity will increase.Anti-globalization campaign which focuses on feminization of labor contractualization, feminization of migration and on the impact on women of privatization of social services—such as water, electricity, reproductive health and education—worsening poverty and prostitution.

Aug 04,  · The Paris Agreement on climate change, signed in Novemberwas the first time all the world’s nations (except Nicaragua and Syria) signed up to. Both have spurred a larger debate on the benefits and disadvantages of neoliberal globalization.

Even so, the 24/7 economy is likely to continue expanding, particularly since digitalization worldwide has rendered it increasingly feasible to work outside the office and beyond normal business hours. By learning the definition of globalization, privatization, and militarization and understanding the impact that each has on the criminal justice system, one can attempt to gauge what the future holds and attempt to plan and prepare for any issues that may arise.


The Grotesque Face of Globalization

The Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian faith. A mystery is ineffable, unable to be expressed adequately in words. We fumble and stumble and mumble when we talk about God. Yet, it is important that we try because it is better to know a little about God than a lot about anything else.

The militarization of these and other countries in Latin America has paved the way for expansion of neoliberal globalization.

Reshaping Autonomy Struggles Under the current terms of economic integration, national sovereignty itself has become virtually expendable, its power often trumped by laws of international trade pacts and the demands of.

Globalization privatization and militarization impacts on
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