Disaster in franklin county 2 essay

The residents will suffer from anxiety, fear, sorrow and post-traumatic stress disorder. This is an excellent opportunity for the nursing personnel to gain knowledge and skills needed to serve their community efficiently and effectively during a natural or man-made disaster Emergency Management Institute, Listening, validating concerns, and providing current accurate information are all techniques available to the public health nurse to help calm the fears of the community members.

Public health nurses now have an awareness of vulnerable populations in the community, who may be at risk in times of disasters. Fuhr, providing her the opportunity to be involved in making decisions, which should help to relieve some of her anxiety.

Like the old saying it takes a whole community to raise a child well this CCommunity Health Nursing-Task 1 words - 19 pages FEMA to educated people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area.

The public health nurse is an integral public health team member and is uniquely qualified to serve the population. Also, as in the simulation of the Disaster in Franklin County, the public health nurse functioned as part of the canvassing team sent to conduct door-to-door interviews of the residents.

Referrals to mental health agencies should be offered as an option to help residents adjust, adapt, and cope with the stressors that occur during the disaster recovery period Disaster in Franklin County, It is essential that the community nurse reassures them that they are safe and in good hands.

In this simulation, the public health personnel involve included the County Public Health Director, the Environmental Health Specialists, and the Community Health Nurses Szt Task 4 Essay words - 4 pages techniques, such as leaning forward, making positive noises, and nodding, to demonstrate that they are listening to the speaker.

It is important that they learn the local and state resources, so that they can make referrals to people when a disaster strikes. Fugate would require close monitoring until the prescription could be obtained. Nurses within this program are certified and must stay current with training in order to provide help during a disaster.

Other important resources are family and friends. The nurse can refer them to proper resources such as social workers, counselors and shelters Disaster in Franklin County: The team was able to assess the health and safety status of residents living within a flood zone and provide immediate assistance based upon identified needs Disaster in Franklin County, The American Red Cross offers a great deal of emergency assistance such as shelters, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aid, food, clothing home repairs, household items, medical supplies, emergency transportation and etc.

The team and the assigned responsibilities are as follows: North Szt1 Task1 words - 6 pagesJuly 20, Community disaster plans and preparedness is important for the government side of the county as well for the people who live in the community.

Disaster In Franklin County Essay

Chapter Overview Many of you are reading this manual as part of your efforts to prepare as a spiritual care professional who will be ready to respond during times of disaster. Also, as in the simulation of the Disaster in Franklin County, the public health nurse functioned as part of the canvassing team sent to conduct door-to-door interviews of the residents.

Part of the disaster planning should include comprehensive training of health professionals in areas of first aid, search and rescue, and public hygiene.

However, the risk of tornado damage in York County is higher than the national average, and is even higher than the Pennsylvania average.

Disaster in Franklin County Essay

In total, the original chapter comprises Chapters 1, 14, The role of the major public health personnel, including the public health nurse, is to provide the public with accurate information, and to assure the community, as well as ensure the immediate safety and well-being of the members of the community, while being competent compassionate and accessible.

Running Head: Disaster in Franklin County Disaster in Franklin County JM Western Governors University 1 Disaster in Franklin County 2 The Role of Health Personnel and the Public Health Nurse Public health personnel and public health nurses have many responsibilities in a disaster that are essential to a successful outcome for the community.

Their primarily focus is on the safety and health. After the disaster, the community nurse must be willing to provide physical and emotional comfort to all the residents of Franklin County. The residents will suffer. hat 1, task 4/ disaster in franklin county hat 1, task 4/ disaster in franklin county 2 In the event of a disaster, the Community Health Nurse is frequently the first responder on the scene.

Disaster in Franklin County Katherine Helm Western Governor’s University May Role of the Major Public Health Personnel In the event of a disaster, the community relies upon the public health personnel to evaluate the needs of the community, assess the available resources, provide reliable information, and coordinate health activities.

Disaster in Franklin County Essay Words | 9 Pages. Disaster in Franklin County Jennifer Wadsworth Western Governors University Disaster in Franklin County Role of Major Public Health Personnel The roles of major public health personnel must be delegated properly in a disaster situation in order to facilitate effective action.

Disaster in franklin county 2 essay
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