Child abuse research proposal

Tightly defined samples that use appropriate comparison groups can reveal significant information about the outcomes of specific forms of child maltreatment.

Scientific information about the incidence and prevalence of child maltreatment has significant implications for advancing knowledge in the field. The lack of a consensus on research definitions of child maltreatment is one of the major impediments to the development of a strong research base on all aspects of child maltreatment.

The prevention of child abuse needs to be highly prioritized, because it is not only a violation of human rights, but the effects of it extend to further increase violent and criminal behavior in young children. The climax of the proposal should be presented in the form of the methods which are useful enough to defeat this problem and help a child cope with the difficulthy of this situation.

When tested against those who have had no exposure to domestic violence, children with exposure to domestic violence registered poorer in terms of verbal ability while there is no difference between these two groups when talking about visual-spatial abilities. Harsh labour experienced in Nigeria today is not just a recent trend; it has been in existence since the colonial days.

Knowing more about the nature and scope of child maltreatment in the general population will also provide insights into the extent to which health professionals, social services staff, educators, law enforcement personnel, and others should be trained in this area.

Economic issues must also be considered in evaluating long-term treatment costs and loss of earnings associated with the consequences of child victimization. A balance needs to be established within and among these four categories, requiring Child abuse research proposal systematic and coordinated effort among research sponsors both to meet existing needs and to develop a strong foundation for future research.

Thirdly, it is necessary to pay more attention to education of young families on the matter how to build closer relationship with children and avoid conflicts.

Child Abuse Research Proposal

Itulua-Abumere The consequences of child abuse in Nigeria: Developing Effective Research Proposals. The consequences of child maltreatment may be significantly influenced by a combination of risk factors that have not been well described or understood.

The Need to Prevent Child Abuse in the US - Research Proposal Example

The effects of risk potentiating and protective factors in Child abuse research proposal cultural and ethnic groups have not been adequately explored in examining both the origins and consequences of child maltreatment. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all proposal details: Secondly, government should issue laws prohibiting child abuse in families.

This approach can reveal the real-world complexities of the outcomes of specific and general types of child maltreatment, including gender differences in vulnerability and manifestations of subsequent problem behaviors, the effects of the developmental stage, cultural environment, and belief system of the individual, and the role of protective factors and interventions in the lives of abused and neglected children that appear to lead to more positive outcomes.

Corruption is slowly and steadily destroying them. Research must address both commonalities and diversity among populations in studying the interactions of variables that promote or prevent various forms of maltreatment and in studying the combinations of factors that foster or inhibit harmful consequences across various dimensions See Recommendations and in Chapter 6.

Family functioning studies have focused predominantly on large, nonclinical populations, exploring styles of parenting and parenting practices that generate different kinds and levels of competence, mental health, and character in children.

There is no doubt that child abuse is a very serious problem that should be addressed by the government and local organizations.

What are the major causes of child abuse in Nigeria and the consequences of these abuses? In other words the theory developed from this research will be of use to other researchers involved in child abuse, social workers, child protection officer and policy makers.

More than a decade after the Convention on the Rights of the Child came into force; this is not an impressive scorecard. It is anticipated that the theory that emerges from this study will be comprehensible and make sense to those individuals in the community that will be studied.

However, research definitions of child maltreatment are currently inconsistent, and the breadth and quality of instrumentation for child maltreatment studies are seriously incomplete. Pilot instrumentation studies must incorporate age and culturally sensitive measures to protect families from the possible consequences of misdiagnosis and labeling.

Such models will allow researchers to learn more about mechanisms that activate or protect against individual child maltreatment and to distinguish between immediate precipitating factors and long-term chronic factors associated with maltreatment. Female children are married out at the age of twelve years.

Responses to child abuse and neglect involve a variety of social institutions, including commu- Page 45 Share Cite Suggested Citation: They will avoid being in public in future, and might end up left absolutely lonely.

For example, we know from epidemiologic studies of disease of cases that were derived from hospital records that, unless the phenomenon of interest always comes to a service provider for treatment, there exist undetected and untreated cases in the general population that are often quite different from those who have sought treatment.

Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect. Sadly, child maltreatment often involves various family members, relatives, or other individuals who reside in the homes or neighborhoods of the affected children. Although the inclusion of questions on child maltreatment may raise issues of cost and administrative burdens, past surveys and secondary analyses of existing data sets represent important research opportunities that could provide further insights into the nature and frequency of child abuse and neglect.

Analysis of the data Analysing data by grounded theory method is an intricate process of reducing raw data into concepts that are designated to stand for categories. Data will be gathered from the initial sample group in a cyclical process.

Undermining the consequences of child abuse can result in serious problems to the entire communities and state security. Many observers believe that the federal government lacks leadership, funding, and an effective research program for studies on child maltreatment.Research Proposal: Is Child Abuse a Prelude to Criminality?

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Child abuse is a prevailing issue that continues to exist in society. Although children are the face of posterity and a symbolization of hope for the future, not all children are protected from maltreatment, such as neglect and physical, sexual, psychological abuse.

Child abuse Any abuse that is considered to be used wrongly or improperly mis-use, to hurt or injure by mal- treatment, ill use or to force sexual activity on. This includes mental, physical, emotional, and cultural abuse. Research Priority Recognizing that fiscal pressures and budgetary deficits diminish prospects for significant increases in research budgets generally, special efforts are required to find new funds for research on child abuse and neglect and to encourage research collaboration and data collection in.

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Previous research indicates that when children were aware of the violence, they viewed the violence as “unambiguously negative.” (Ornduff,p.

) These children also frequently expressed feelings of fear and hatred about the abuse and the abuser. Child neglect is a type of child abuse when a child is not provided with appropriate food, clothing and other things of the first necessity, when a child feels lack of love and care or when parents don’t provide a child with medical care when it’s needed.

Child abuse research proposal
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