Amiens cathedral

The second gallery is called the Gallery of Kings and, like the one at Notre-Dame Cathedralconsists of 19th-century replacement statues by Viollet le Duc. Showing vertical curves and widening, The Virgin Mary kneels to his left, and John the Evangelist to his right.

The head was part of the loot of the Fourth Crusadewhich Amiens cathedral been diverted from campaigning against the Turks to sacking of Constantinoplethe great capital of the Byzantine Empire.

That makes Amiens a great weekend getaway place for British citizens. The tympanum is a marvellous work on the Last Judgment. Dear Reader, what are you planning to visit besides the Amiens Cathedral?

The low-relief quatrefoils along the base of the portal depict the Virtues along the top and the Vices along the bottom, as follows: The new statuary was to be a Bible in stone that would teach the Christian people Bible stories.

Cathédrale d'Amiens

Firmin the Confessor and the other to the Virgin Mary and St. As this is not the first time you are here, you Amiens cathedral be interested in downloading the guide "20 Amazing Offbeat Places in Paris".

Both the nave and the chancel are vast but extremely light, with considerable amounts of stained glass surviving, despite the depredations of war. The portal on the right side of the west facade is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who is the patron saint of the cathedral and town of Amiens.

The lowest register of the lintel depicts six Old Testament patriarchs flanking the trumeau canopy, which contains a representation of the Ark of the Covenant. His son, Renaud de Cormont, acted as the architect until With a height of some forty-two meters the vertical space is divided into two equal parts by the foliage band.

The projected colors are faint to photograph, but a good quality DSLR camera provides excellent results, as shown below. Inthe provinces of France were dismantled and the territory was organised into departments. Visitors normally enter via one of the side aisles, which are at a height of 20 m almost double that of Notre Dame in Paris.

After his martyrdom, he was succeeded by another man named Firmin, known as St. The organ is at 17 m the highest in France.

Amiens Cathedral

Although it was later lost, a 19th-century replica still provides a focus for prayer and meditation in the North aisle.

The Amiens labyrinth was installed in by the architect Renaud de Cormont who signed his work and bears an inscription naming the architects of the cathedral. John the Baptist on the left. In contrast to the elaborately decorated exterior, the interior of Amiens Cathedral is beauty in simplicity - all vertical lines stretching to the tall ceiling in a light and calm space.

On the trumeau is a sculpture of the "Beau-Dieu of Amiens," a more serene portrait of Christ whose French nickname means "Handsome God," with a king unfurling a banner below. The cathedral surely dazzled Charles the Bold, the Duke of Burgundy who, in forbade his artillery to fire on the building.

This fix failed to counteract similar issues with the lower wall which began to develop large cracks around the late Middle Ages. In the judgment scene, St. The second gallery is called the Gallery of Kings and, like the one at Notre-Dame Cathedralconsists of 19th-century replacement statues by Viollet le Duc.

Other points of interests besides the Amiens cathedral get lost in the museum of the famous science fiction writer Jules Verne visit the Belfry of Amiens lesser known insider tip!

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The church towers over the town and can be seen even from far outside Amiens. Firmin is being carried to the church by monks. The floor is tiled in striking black-and-white geometric patterns that echo the labyrinth in the center of the nave. Amiens was under siege for half a year infought over during the Franco-Prussian Waralmost destroyed during the First and Second World Wars, and suffered economic deprivation during much of the later twentieth century.Visit Amiens Cathedral, one of the finest examples of sacred Gothic art.

Amiens Cathedral

Amiens Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens) is the tallest Gothic church and largest cathedral in with the cathedrals of Chartres and Reims, Amiens is a member of the illustrious triad of "High Gothic" or "Classical" French cathedrals built in the 13th Cathedral was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in.

Browse this content A beginner's guide Introduction to the Middle Ages A new pictorial language: the image in early medieval art The medieval calendar. Amiens Cathedral: Amiens Cathedral, Gothic cathedral located in the historic city of Amiens, France, in the Somme River valley north of Paris.

It is the largest of the three great Gothic cathedrals built in France during the 13th century, and it remains the largest in France.

It has an exterior length of feet. Labyrinth of Amiens Cathedral Type: Octagonal; Chartres-type pattern Status: Original Destroyed, Remade Amiens overview[1] The Labyrinth of Amiens Cathedral is the second largest in France, being slightly smaller than its cousin in Chartres.[3].

Amiens Cathedral. Amiens Cathedral, in the heart of Picardy, is one of the largest 'classic' Gothic churches of the 13th century. It is notable for the coherence of its plan, the beauty of its three-tier interior elevation and the particularly fine display of sculptures on the principal facade and in the south transept.

Amiens cathedral
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